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Edward C. Kemper, Attorney at Law


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1188 Bishop St. Suite 2504
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone 808-524-0330
Cell 808-225-2965
Fax 808-792-5193

George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
1968 Juris Doctor (with honors)
1965 Bachelor of Arts (History)

Work Experience:
2009 – Edward Kemper AAL, LLLC
present Title: Member/Manager
1975 – 2009 Kemper & Watts, Attorneys-at-Law, Honolulu, Hawaii
Title:  Partner/Owner
Specialty: commercial litigation, personal injury litigation, small business advice
1971 – 1975 Mattoch, Kemper & Brown, Attorneys-at-Law, Honolulu, Hawaii
Title:  Partner
1968 – 1971 Cades, Schutte, Fleming & Wright, Attorneys-at-Law
Title:  Associate

Courts Admission:

  1. Hawaii State Courts
  2. United States District Court, Hawaii District
  3. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
  4. United States Supreme Court

Legal Activities:

1992 – present Hawaii Bar Journal, Editor
1972 – 1992 Hawaii Bar Journal, Editor-In-Chief


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Kemper, Interview of Howard Luke 2018 HSBA President, Hawaii Bar Journal 4-13 (Jan. 2018).


Martindale Hubbell

- AV preeminent 5.0 of 5

Non-Legal & Charitable Activities:

President and Board Member, Hawaii Family Support Center
Vice President and Board Member, Epilepsy Foundation of Hawaii
President and Board Member, Friends of Kailua High School
President and Board Member, Plantation View Hale Homeowners Association
Director, Big Surf Homeowners Association
Assistant Regional Executive and Board Member, Sports Car Club of America, Hawaii Region

- Solo I Safety Steward and Divisional Chief Steward, Sports Car Club of America

President and Board Member, Kokua Kalihi Valley

Writing and TV Activities:

Automotive Columnist, Honolulu Star Bulletin (weekly column) 2002 to 2006
Automotive Writer, Hi Luxury Magazine 2008 to present
Host, Wheels Hawaii TV (OC-16) 2003-2006
Host and Producer of Island Driver TV 2007 to present
Automotive Columnist, Honolulu Star Advertiser 2016 to present
Contributing writer to Hawaii Motorsports & Street Machine News, Sports Car, Huula Newsletter, South Pacific News

Fund-Raising Activities: (at various times)

Chairperson, Celebrity Auction for the Prevention of Child Abuse
Chairperson, Epilepsy Foundation Roast of Congressman Neil Abercrombie
Chairperson, Epilepsy Foundation Roast of Honolulu Prosecutor Peter Carlisle
Chairperson, Epilepsy Foundation Roast of University Football Coach Riley Wallace
Co-Chairperson, Friends of Kailua High School Fun Run & Carnival
ACLU Century Club fundraiser

Outside Activities & Interests:

Race car driving (Sports Car Club of America; National Competition Racing license)